World Cupdate 009 – Do or Die Starts!

As the group stage starts to wind down, Boris Aguilar and Phil Tobin are back chatting all of the news of the day and matches for the day.

From Qatar we are joined by Chris Keem and he discusses his current World Cup experience and what he thinks of the USA so far. We are also joined by David Brightley from England with the English perspective as they prep to face Senegal on the weekend. 

BAM 073 – Hand of Khan Has Struck The Hour (ft. Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski)

Grab a water, coffee or Great Lakes Brewery Stout, and join Boris Aguilar and Matt Ederer as they chat about the MLB awards, reminisce about a classic WWF Raw episode (from 11.20.1995), maybe worry a little about the general state of AEW (J-E-ha ha-Double F J-A-Double R – ha ha – E – double T spells nope) and rate/review WWE Survivor Series 2022.The fellas are also joined by the one and only Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski (!), to wrap up the F-1 season

BAM 072 – NJPW X STARDOM Historic X-Over AfterCast

Grab a water, coffee or Great Lakes Brewery Winter Ale, and join Boris and Matt as they review NJPW X STARDOM Historic X-Over (11.20.2022), and the two big matches from STARDOM Gold Rush (11.19.2022): Kairi v. Saya Kamitani & Syuri v. Utami Hayashashita

The fellas also debate if Historic X Over was better than AEW Full Gear, and wonder which of the incredible matches this weekend will end up as women’s match of the year, because something from this weekend probably will

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