NXT TLK 079 – Lash of the Titans

On today’s episode, Boris and Matt:  

  • Recap, review and analyze NXT 2.0 from 04/26/2022, ft. Roxanne Perez v. Mandy Rose in a non title match, and Lash v. Lyons II: Lash of the Titans   
  • Wonder why Joe Gacy just like, has druids now? It wasn’t a one-time thing. They’re his full time crew now.  
  • Discuss the Women’s Breakout Tournament, and what Lash Legend’s betting odds should be  
  • Seriously though this Joe Gacy thing. Three weeks ago, he was generic HR guy. Now he’s 1999 Undertaker, torturing people while hooded lackeys do his bidding. Wut? 
  • Bid farewell to LA Knight, whose time in NXT appears to have officially ended  
  • Bid farewell to Edris Enofe and Malik Blade, who got vaporized by the Viking Raiders  
  • DRUIDS, ffs. He has druids.
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