BAM 098 – The Worldwide Leader

Grab a water, coffee, or cool glass of turnip juice, and join Boris Aguilar and Matt Ederer as they discuss:

NBA Champion Denver Nuggets, and leader of men Nikola Jokic
Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights, and the sneaky excellent Vegas fanbase
The USA v. Mexico soccer brawl, and the homophobic chants of an openly awful fanbase
and IN THE MAIN EVENT aka wrestling talk, the fellas discuss CM Punk’s interview with ESPN, Alex Shelley winning the Impact World Title, and Canada’s summer of rasslin’

BAM 088 – Last Minute Madness 2023

Grab a water, coffee, or 7 different colours of Gatorade and join Boris Aguilar and Matt Ederer as they chat the 2023 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament!

The fellas cram for the big test at the last minute by filling out their bracket in real-time, mere hours before the tournament. In the process, they cover all the big stories leading into March Madness including Brandon Miller and Alabama, Bill Self and Kansas, and of course, Grand Canyon University.

Matt also forgets which school Bruce Pearl coaches now. So you know, bet the opposite of all these picks

BAM 085 – Lousy Smarch Madness

Grab a coffee, water, or mug of Uncle Jemima’s Pure Mash Liquor, and join Boris Aguilar and Matt Ederer as they chat:

LeBron’s big comeback v. the Mavericks
Timo Meier to the New Jersey Devils
The start of NCAA conference tournament season, aka late February Madness
Impact: No Surrender (02.24.2023)
And in the main event, the fellas discuss the controversial (!~!) 2022 Wrestling Observer Awards

BAM 075 – 8 Messi Nights, Festivus of Lights

 Grab a water, delicious holiday nog, or a Great Lakes Brewery Robohop IPA, and join Boris Aguilar and Matt Ederer as they chat:  

The World Cup Final and Lionel Messi  
The New England Patriots’ argument for why teams don’t lateral in football 
IMPACT RASSLIN starring Bully Ray and Delirious. In the year of our lord 2022. This was a new, first-run episode, we assure you   
and 10 of the HARDEST CUTS from our Top 122 of 2022, our pro ‘rasslin matches of the year list

World Cupdate 013 -The Finals

Boris Aguilar and Phil Tobin are back chatting all things France vs Argentina as the debate comes to an end and Lionel Messi captures THE World Cup Trophy. They also share their thoughts on Grant Wahl and chat the future of the Canadian program and their plans for continued growth of the beautiful game in North America.

We will be back…..

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