NXT TLK 069 – La Femme Nikkita

On today’s episode, the Young Guns (Boris and Matt)  

  • Recap, review and analyze THREE NXT-adjacent shows: NXT UK (02/17/22), NXT Lvl Up (02/18/2022) and NXT 2.0 (02/22/22)  
  • Debate the merits of running NXT: Stand & Deliver on the morning of Wrestlemania.  
  • Discuss the debuting Nikkita Lyons, wrestling’s first Manic Pixie Dream Heel. 
  • Praise the great Tomasso Ciampa, who is one of the very best wrestlers in WWE, and therefore the world   
  • Hope to the good lord above that nobody notices how good Vic and Wade have gotte
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