NXT TLK 064 – Guenther? I hardly knew ‘er!

On todays episode, the Young Guns (Boris and Matt) recap, review and analyze NXT 2.0 from 01/18/2022 featuring a great main event, and some truly confusing decisions up and down the rest of the card.  

  • Walter has been named after a Nazi now, apparently? (Although WWE may have dropped the last name already, thankfully softening the Nazi blow) 
  • Sarray is a Sailor Moon character now, apparently? Complete with pigtails, oversized nerd glasses and a magical necklace? (Still better than Jacket Time)  
  • WALTER vs Roddy was GREAT
  • In the main event / chicken soup for the soul portion of the podcast, the fells review two (!!) episodes of NXT UK — 01/06/22 ft. Blair Davenport v. Meiko Satomura, and 01/13/22 ft. WALTER’S LAST STAND: Walter v. Nathan Frazier   
  • Guenther Stark lol

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