NXT TLK 057 – War Games 2021 Review

On todays episode, The Young Guns (Boris and Matt):   

  • Recap, review and analyze WWE NXT War Games 2021 featuring two War Games matches, two rings, one haircut and a hell of a lot of weapons   
  • Chat about Johnny Gargano, and what the future holds for arguably the GOAT NXT performer. 
  • Celebrate a few surprising finishes, such as the continued survival of the Cruiserweight title 
  • Casually sidestep the elephant in the room: Ikeman Jiro’s bathroom segment (Lol, poop jokes. Basically we are doing Dumb and Dumber in 2021, minus the comedic genius of Jim Carrey. Just when you think 2.0 is getting halfway decent smh)
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