NXT TLK 052 – Dance, Dance, Revolution

On today’s edition of NXT TLK, the Young Guns (Boris and Matt:):  

  • Recap, review and analyze NXT TV from 11/02/2021, featuring one of the worst song-and-dance segments in pro wrestling history, which is saying a lot.  
  • Seriously, the Robert Stone/Xyon Quinn dance-off has to be the single worst segment in the NXT 2.0 era. So far  
  • Discuss the rumours of a December 5th NXT Takeover show, and how that hypothetical Takeover card might shake down.  
  • Spill the tea about the red and yellow brand in our favourite segment, NXT UK Corner. 
  • Also we chat a little real life, because NXT is back to being a desolate wasteland.

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