NXT TLK 051 – One Year Anniver-scary!

On today’s SPOOKY edition of NXT TLK, The Young Guns (Boris and Matt): 

  • Recap, review and analyze NXT Halloween Havoc from 10/26/2021, featuring four title matches and six thousand Halloween puns   
  • Wonder if the NXT Women’s title, which changed hands in a match created by Chucky the Doll, is the most important women’s belt in pro-wrestling history   
  • Wonder wtf Chucky was there for. Chucky. Like from that movie. What was it called? Halloween Havoc 1999? 
  • Chat about the great Kenny Williams, the great Noam Dar, and an otherwise average edition of NXT UK TV (10/21/2021) in our favourite segment, NXT UK Corner  
  • Celebrate their podcasting anniversary ! One year down, many more to go  
  • (the Chucky movie is called Child’s Play btw, available at a blockbuster near you sometime in 1988) 

A sincere THANK YOU to anybody who has listened to / enjoyed the show, we’ve had a blast doing it and will continue to do it every week until USA inevitably cancels the show. Probably sometime around Christmas.

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