NXT 078 – Bron Breakkin’

On todays episode, Boris and Matt:  

  • Recap, review and analyze NXT 2.0 from 04/19/2022 including the debut of Roxanne Perez, and an attempted murder in the overrun   
  • Wonder if Joe Gacy and his druids have officially jumped the shark (spoiler: ayyyy)   
  • Debate whether Roxanne Perez is already a top-3 wrestler in NXT’s women’s division 
  • Pour one out for Wes Lee, who suffered a tough beat in more ways than one   
  • And in their favourite segment, the fellas discuss another cracker of an NXT UK show, featuring A-Kid v Teoman and MALAKAISLA BLACK: Isla Dawn’s black mist   
  • (Druids, lol)
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