BAM 022 – Yanksgiving Day Extravaganza

On today’s episode, the fellas (Boris and Matt):

  • Talk about the Quebec Nordiques’ potential return to the NHL.
  • Break down the big changes coming to TFC. – Attempt to make some sense out of the highly volatile NFL, after 11 weeks of chaos and anarchy.
  • Matt gushes about Joe Pera Talks With You, a brilliant and unique comedy on Adult Swim.
  • In pro wrestling chatter, the fellas continue RoH’s funeral march by reviewing the most recent RoH TV show.
  • And in the main event, the guys break down MLW War Chamber 2021, featuring the 57 year old Savio Vega (and also 9 other dudes)


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Huge thanks to Kevin O’Leary for supplying the theme to this podcast. Be sure to check his work!

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