B.A.M : NXT TLK Special – Royal Rumble Part 1

Greetings and Salutations! This week on the show the Young Guns (Boris and Matt) talk all things Royal Rumble. Over the past few months they have watched every single Royal Rumble in history from 1988-2021 and ranked every single match from 205 to 1. This episode goes from 205-95. The guys are also joined by Danny Granger Art to discuss his passion in Wrestling, Elvis and life in general. Danny Granger is best known for his sharpie art and most recently his collaboration with Doug Gilmore.

You can find Danny Granger on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and by email at danny_granger@live.com . You can also find his recent collaboration with Doug Gilmour in new Doug Gilmour Authentic Collection – DG93® here  

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