On today’s episode, Boris and Matt:   

Talk about THE EXORBITANT PRICE of MLB playoff tickets, and the MVP races in baseball
Chat a little NFL Week 1, and Matt gets some self-indulgent fantasy talk in. (Go Kyler!) 
 Discuss RoH TV from last week, and RoH Death Before Dishonor 2021 from 09/12/2021

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NXT TLK 045 – …Well it’s at least 3.0

On today’s FREE SHOW, The Young Guns (Boris and Matt):

Chat the Great NXT re-brand of 2021, the death of the Super Indy, and the fingerprints of Bruce Pritchard/Kevin Dunn
Recap, review and analyze NXT TV from 09/14/2021
Talk about the finest hour of weekly WWE TV, NXT UK from 09/09/2021
Matt gives his Top 5 WWE Weddings of all time ! Spoiler: Index did not make the list
Discuss the fact that BRON BREAKKER is not a human name
Rest In Peace, Norm MacDonald.

BAM 011 – No Sleep ‘Til Wild Card

On today’s episode, Boris and Matt:   
Chat the hot hot Blue Jays and the MLB playoff race  
Talk about the scummy NFL, and how we are all scumbags for watching it (ourselves included)  
Chat about CONCACAF FUTBOL and the Canada’s chances to make the 2022 FIFA World Cup  
 Boris chats RoH TV and we preview Death Before Dishonor XVIII 
 We briefly talk All Out 2021 and the good and bad of AEW  
In the main event, it’s the DEBUT EPISODE of WWF superstars from Sep 6th 1986 ft. BABYFACE HONKY TONK MAN & a truly insane Superstar Billy Graham promo

NXT TLK 044 – Black and Gold, Bay Bay

On today’s episode, the Young Guns (Boris and Matt):

– Chat about the finer points of Swiss Chalet

– Recap, review and analyze NXT TV from 09/07/2021, including the debut of the Creed brothers (great!), Mei Ying (bad!), and a cheesy but fun Dexter Lumis Bachelor Party (both!)

– Recap and show some love to the best hour of WWE programming in WWE NXT UK corner

Prepare for the great NXT re-brand of 2021

NXT TLK 043 – Long Live The Black And Gold

Same old colour scheme, same old show. This week, the young guns (Boris and Matt):

– Talk about Boris’ debaucherous weekend (dictionary.com tells me that is in fact a word)

– Recap, Review and analyze NXT TV from Aug 31, 2021 including LA Knight v. Johnny Gargano, Ridge Holland v. Tomasso Ciampa, and yet another fabulous Samoa Joe Promo

– Catch up on WWE’s best hour of weekly television in NXT UK Corner

– Wonder wtf is next for the soon-to-be-rainbow brand? Is the sky really falling?

Rumours of the Ridge Holland era have been greatly exaggerated

BAM 010 – Smashing Pumpkin Spice

On Tonight, Tonight’s episode, the fellas:

– Chat about the MLB/New York Mets booing “controversy”, which is in no way a controversy

– Chat and review ROH TV from August 29/30

– Hash out their #1 overall fantasy football picks, and give some (not so deep) sleepers – Recap, review and analyze Billy Corgan’s NWA Empowerrr from 08/28/2021, and NWA 73 from 08/29/2021. Despite all our rage, these shows were actually quite good.

– We also watched the PHENOMENAL Colby Corino v Steve Corino match from 08/27/2021

B.A.M 009 – Bumps and Sells and Wedding Bells ft. COLBY CORINO

Boris and Matt are back talking all things sports and wrestling. This is a jam packed show so there is no sports this week. However, on this week’s show:

– Boris chats with COLBY CORINO (!) about his life as the son of a wrestler, coming of age during COVID, and Billy Corgan’s NWA. This is just a portion of their long chat. Be sure to check out the full story at slamwrestling.net!

– Boris also reviews the most recent RoH TV show, and RoH Glory by Honor 2021.

– It’s the 30th anniversary of Summerslam ‘91 (lol jeez) so Matt watched that. We rate every match and A BONUS MATCH, the awesome Hogan/Slaughter Desert Storm match (that definitely should have main evented Summerslam 1991).

– We also watched the CERTIFIABLY INSANE Macho Man bachelor party. IN-DEX has a long way to go.

– Lastly, Boris and Matt preview NWA’s weekend PPV’s, Empower & the 73rd Anniversary show

NXT TLK 042 – NXT 3.0

Historians will refer to this as the Ridge Holland era.

This week on the show, the Young Guns (Boris and Matt):

Recap, analyze and review NXT TV from August 24th, 2021 featuring an upset in the finals of the Breakout Tournament, an awesome Samoa Joe promo, and as always, some baffling nonsense
Catch up on the latest episode of WWE’s best show in our favorite segment, NXT UK Corner
Answer your questions in a quick Q and A session
Wonder if this is the end of Timothy Thatcher (that loss)
Wonder if this is the end of Karrion Kross (that mask)

It’s Holland’s world, we’re just Ridging in it. Or something.

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B.A.M Sports Digest: August 18, 2021

We know wrestling might not be for you so we are releasing our sports talk into a micro episode. Every week we will release the Sports Digest into a small consumable episode.

On this weeks episode Boris and Matt:

We talk about our actual human lives for a bit.
It’s the dog days of summer so sports aren’t exciting, but we have Blue Jays, CFL/AEW Rampage, and NFL pre-season thoughts.

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